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A Site For Borrowing Power Drills, Kitchen Equipment, And Anything Else You Can Think Of

Read the full story at FastCo.Exist.

Daan Weddepohl created–a site for borrowing stuff–after a series of traumatic experiences. First, his apartment burned down. Second, his girlfriend dumped him. Then, his mother became seriously ill.

He was forced to stay with friends and get by without all the things he had normally. “At first, having nothing was terrible thing, but after a while I started accepting it and realizing that it was okay. It helped me create very strong human connections. People were happy to help me out, and they felt really good when they shared.”

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20 things you didn’t know you could recycle

Read the full story at Mother Nature Network.

From sandwich bags and bras to Crocs and crayons, there’s a whole lot more than bottles and cans that can be recycled.
As a reminder to any readers who live in or near Champaign County, Illinois, The I.D.E.A. Store accepts many household items as donations, including half-filled bottles of craft paint, used crayons, and puzzles/games with missing pieces. The store is operated by the C-U Schools Foundation.
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The Story of (Repairing) Stuff

Read the full story in Sustainable Industries Journal.

A group of theater artisans who hosted a “pop-up” repair shop in Inwood, NY, this past summer, have demonstrated that consumers may not be as into cheap disposal goods as the big-boxes would have us believe.

Hoping to reduce the use-and-discard cycle of consumer goods, the team at Pop Up Repair spent four weeks applying their thrifty backstage skills to fixing everyday problems – broken chairs, toys, iPhones, trophies, fans, earrings, and antiques.

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New Report: Policies for Shareable Cities

Download the document.

This guide curates scores of innovative, high impact policies that US city governments have put in place to help citizens share resources, create new resources together, and generate their own jobs. It focuses on sharing policy innovations in food, housing, transportation, and jobs — key pocket book issues of citizens and priorities of urban leaders everywhere.


Does the Sharing Economy Really Have Catastrophic Impacts?

Read the full story in Triple Pundit.

From time to time you see an article or study challenging one of your beliefs. This is exactly what happened to me when reading an article about ConvergEx, a brokerage firm warning its clients that the ripple effects the sharing economy could be “catastrophic.”


Is regulation the right road for the sharing economy?

Read the full story from The Guardian.

As collaborative business takes off, regulators are looking to take a piece of the pie but the sharing economy will always rest on trust not regulation, writes Oliver Balch.

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Stuff gets new life in artwork

Read the full story in the San Antonio Express-News.

She’s surrounded by a maze of cardboard boxes stuffed with a dizzying array of items. There are faded Christmas ornaments, old paint brushes, tarnished trophies, baggies of beads, upholstery swatches, wads of tulle, cookie tins, Formica samples, toilet paper rolls and empty glass jars. Then there are the random objects that defy immediate classification.

But where some might see an emergency trip to the city dump, Cantú sees the makings of art. About two years ago, the petite 34-year-old who teaches at the International Academy of Design & Technology launched spare parts (Cantú doesn’t capitalize the name), an organization that combines her dual passions for arts education and creative reuse. With the help of a network of volunteers, Cantú collects donations of recyclable materials throughout the year, then distributes them free to public school teachers around the city.

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Reuse Design Challenge: Transform a Phone Book

Read the full story at Earth911.

The Challenge

We reached out to five of our favorite DIY/Craft bloggers and tasked them with a challenge: Create something new out of an old phone book.

Where You Come In:

Take a look at the inspiring and beautifully functional projects we received and cast your vote for your favorite entry at the end of the story. Voting will close Friday, May 31.

We’ll follow up and publish a full tutorial of the project that receives the most votes and recognize the winning blogger on Earth911.

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For Bloomberg and Bike-Sharing Program, the Big Moment Arrives

Read the full story in the New York Times.

With New York’s system set to begin on Monday, the city will be watching to see if Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s bet on cycling is a success.
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How to Make a Free Things Box

Read the full post at Shareable.

Knowing that people like to share things they no longer need with their neighbors, Berto Aussems decided to construct an easy way to do so. His Free Things Box is sturdy and weatherproof, and it only comes with three rules:

  1. Open only during the daytime.
  2. Take only things you can use.
  3. Take only one thing at a time.
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