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E360 Announces Contest For Best Environmental Videos

Yale Environment 360 is holding a contest to honor the best environmental videos. Entries must be videos that focus on an environmental issue or theme, have not been widely viewed online, and are a maximum of 15 minutes in length. The first-place winner will receive $2,000, and two runners-up will each receive $500. The winning entries will be posted on Yale Environment 360. The deadline for entries is June 6, 2014. Read further contest information.

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Falconer at the Tajiguas Landfill

Did you know that some landfills have falconers? I didn’t either. Watch a video about the falconer at the Tajiguas Landfill here.

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Composting Strategies for Colleges and Universities

Watch the archived webinar.

Universities and colleges generate wasted food from many sources: dining commons, on-campus restaurants, residence halls, sporting venues, and university events. By reducing food sent to landfills or incinerators, schools can save money and reduce their environmental impact. This webinar will hopefully serve to energize students and faculty to take action to reduce or eliminate food waste on campuses throughout the U.S.

As part of the Food Recovery Challenge (FRC), EPA is working with schools everyday to secure the FRC commitment of reducing food waste. One great way to do this is to compost the food scraps generated on your campus. This webinar is designed to identify the factors you need to consider and to provide you with the technical information you will need to start a campus composting program. There are currently over 100 colleges and universities participating in the Food Recovery Challenge. Who will be the next school to join?

Whether your school has been composting for years or is just beginning to contemplate a composting program, the information presented today will be useful to you. This webinar features an overview of the Food Recovery Challenge and three presentations covering technical and program implementation information.


Watch the 60-year progression of climate change in 15 seconds

Read the full story and watch the video at SmartPlanet.

How much impact has global warming had on the environment within the last 60 years? Find out in 15 seconds.

NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) has released a report based on 60 years of temperature analysis recorded from 1,000 meteorological stations worldwide.

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VIDEO: How to Explain Global Warming in Just 35 Words

Read the full post and watch the video at Inhabitat.

UC Berkeley Professor Michael Ranney surveyed 270 people in San Diego and found that not even one person could explain what global warming is at even a basic level, so he and his fellow researchers decided to create a simple, succinct phrase to explain how climate change works. What they came up with might be the simplest explanation we have ever heard – it’s just 35 words long, and it’s accompanied by a video clip that expands on the subject in just 52 seconds.


University of Minnesota’s Resilient Communities Project releases energy videos

Students in a PA 5721 Energy and Environmental Policy class at the University of Minnesota made short videos to educate the people of North St. Paul, MN about residential energy efficiency and smart meters as part of the University’s Resilient Communities Project. The videos include:

Product Stewardship Speakers Series: Adam Minter

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency hosted Adam Minter, author of Junkyard Planet, as part of their Product Stewardship Speakers Series. He offered his insights into the global nature of recycling.

View the recording at

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Story of Stuff project releases green chemistry video

On November 15, the Story of Stuff Project released Green Chemistry, the latest in it’s The Good Stuff video series. In this episode, Bev Thorpe of Clean Production Action talks about the hidden chemical dangers in everyday products and how ‘green chemistry’—designing materials and products without harmful chemicals—promises to transform the relationship between us and our Stuff.

To browse all of the videos produced by the Story of Stuff Project, visit their YouTube channel at

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Great Lakes Fishery Commission Open-Access Videos

Via the Prairie Research Institute Library’s News from the Library Blog.

Just launched: Great Lakes Fishery Commission open-access video database, featuring an extensive inaugural collection of footage on sea lamprey biology, research, and control.  Asian carp is also featured.  The site is intended to bring together a large collection of footage from many sources, readily available for non-commercial re-use.  Also see the similarly open GLFC photo database.

To submit photo(s) or video(s) for consideration for inclusion these GLFC databases, contact Jill Wingfield [; 734-669-3005].   In addition to sea lamprey and other invasive species, topical coverage in the databases includes common sportfish species, fisheries activities, habitat and scenery, and historical photos/footage.

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We Have a Right to Save Seeds. Right?

Read the full post at Shareable.

Growing food should present no legal problems. You plant seeds, care for the plants, harvest the food, then save some seeds for the next year. Right?

Not anymore. Big agribusinesses are enclosing the seed commons. Seed ownership has become complex, littered with regulation, copyright issues, forgery charges and corporate manipulation.

The following video gives a brief overview of the current “crazy seed situation” in Europe. Created by the Open Solutions Project, the video uses talking (and singing) potato people to explain the barriers that prevent growers from saving and re-sowing seeds. It also shines a light on a sane solution to the problem: public domain seeds.

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