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Department of Energy Issues Draft Renewable Energy and Efficient Energy Projects Solicitation to Foster Clean Energy Innovation

In support of the Administration’s all-of-the-above energy strategy, the Department of Energy issued a draft loan guarantee solicitation today for innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency projects located in the U.S. that avoid, reduce, or sequester greenhouse gases. When finalized, the solicitation is expected to make as much as $4 billion in loan guarantees available to help commercialize technologies that may be unable to obtain full commercial financing. This draft solicitation represents another step in the Department’s commitment to help overcome the financial barriers to the deployment of innovative, clean energy technologies.

“Through our existing renewable energy loan guarantees, the Department’s Loan Programs Office helped launch the U.S. utility-scale solar industry and other clean energy technologies that are now contributing to our clean energy portfolio,” said Secretary Ernest Moniz. “We want to replicate that success by focusing on technologies that are on the edge of commercial-scale deployment today.”

The Renewable Energy and Efficient Energy Projects Loan Guarantee solicitation is intended to support technologies that are catalytic, replicable, and market ready. Within the draft solicitation, the Department has included a sample list illustrative of potential technologies for consideration. While any project that meets the eligibility requirements is eligible to apply, the Department has identified five key technology areas of interest: advanced grid integration and storage; drop-in biofuels; waste-to-energy; enhancement of existing facilities; and efficiency improvements.

The Department welcomes public comment on a range of issues and will consider public feedback in defining the scope of the final solicitation. In addition to initiating a 30-day public comment period, a schedule of public meetings will be posted on the Department’s website. The draft solicitation can be found online at

Once the solicitation is finalized, the Department’s Loan Programs Office (LPO) will be accepting applications in three areas, which also include the $8 billion Advanced Fossil Energy Projects Solicitation that was released in December 2013 and the $16 billion Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) loan program.

Currently, the LPO supports a diverse portfolio of more than $30 billion in loans, loan guarantees, and commitments, supporting more than 30 projects nationwide. The projects that LPO has supported include one of the world’s largest wind farms; several of the world’s largest solar generation and thermal energy storage systems; and more than a dozen new or retooled auto manufacturing plants across the country.


Bureau of Reclamation Releases Funding Opportunity Announcement of WaterSMART Title XVI Water Reclamation and Reuse Feasibility Studies

The Bureau of Reclamation has released a WaterSMART Title XVI Water Reclamation and Reuse Feasibility Study Funding Opportunity Announcement for non-federal government entities, Indian tribes, water districts, wastewater districts or rural water districts in the 17 western states.

Funding is available for two funding groups. Entities may submit applications for funding in amounts up to $150,000 for feasibility studies that can be completed within 18 months or up to $450,000 for feasibility studies that can be completed within 36 months. Applicants must provide at least 50 percent non-federal cost-shared funding for the feasibility study. A total of about $1.5 million is expected to be available this year.

This announcement is available at by searching for funding opportunity number R14AS00030. Proposals must be submitted as indicated on by May 6, 2014, 4:00 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time. It is anticipated that awards will be announced this summer.

The Title XVI Water Reclamation and Reuse Program focuses on identifying and investigating opportunities to reclaim and reuse wastewater and naturally impaired ground and surface water in the 17 Western States and Hawaii. It has the potential to provide communities with a new source of clean water while promoting water and energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Since its establishment in 2010, WaterSMART has provided more than $161 million in competitively-awarded funding to non-federal partners, including tribes, water districts, municipalities and universities through WaterSMART Grants and the Title XVI Program.

To learn more about WaterSMART, please visit

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A funny thing happened on the way to Finance Forum: the WHEEL deal

Read the full post from ACEEE.

The moment we have been waiting for has arrived! The Warehouse for Energy Efficiency Loans (WHEEL), a financing platform that will open the market for energy efficiency investment to institutional investors, is open for business. WHEEL acts as a virtual financial warehouse for relatively small individual loans, holding them until there are enough loans to attract attention from large investment houses. These transactions will potentially grow the market and make it easier for homeowners to find lower-cost loans for energy efficiency improvements.

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Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources announces the Frank Allen Field Reporting Award

The Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources invites applications for their inaugural round of the Frank Allen Field Reporting Awards. The application deadline is April 25.

IJNR will accept proposals for grants of up to $1000 to help defray the costs of reporting projects that focus on natural resources, the environment, energy, development, agriculture, environmental justice, and public health.

The purpose of this grant is to provide financial support for qualified, professional journalists, in order to allow them to report on important topics that they may not otherwise be able to cover. At the discretion of the selection committee, up to eight awards may be granted.

Awards may be given for the full amount requested, or may be given for a percentage of the full amount.

Grant money may be spent on any costs incurred for normal reporting activities: travel, lodging, research, etc. If you have questions, please feel free to ask:

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Request for Proposals for a Smart Growth Information Clearinghouse

EPA’s Office of Sustainable Communities is seeking proposals for a Smart Growth Information Clearinghouse. Under this solicitation, EPA intends to fund further development and ongoing maintenance of a web-based national information clearinghouse focused on smart growth. Eligible applicants are States and local governments, Indian Tribes, public and private colleges and universities, and hospitals, laboratories, and other public or private nonprofit institutions, among others. For-profit organizations and individuals are not eligible to apply. Proposals must be received by EPA or through by 4:00 p.m. Central time on Monday, May 12, 2014. EPA expects to make an award announcement by fall 2014.

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Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design Invites Proposals for Rural Communities Facing Design Challenges

The Citizens’ Institute on Rural DesignTM (CIRD) has issued a request for proposals to rural communities facing design challenges – such as Main Street revitalization, how to manage and direct growth, design community-supportive transportation systems, preserve natural and historic landscapes and buildings, protect working agricultural lands, and provide adequate and affordable housing – who are interested in hosting a local workshop in 2014-2015.

Successful applicants will receive a $7,000 stipend and in-kind professional design expertise and technical assistance valued at $35,000. The deadline for submitting a proposal is Tuesday May 6, 2014 at 8:00 pm Central Time.

For more information or a copy of the RFP, see

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$50K Green Chemistry Research Grant for Reduction of Amides

ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable’s Medicinal Chemistry group is seeking to fund a one year R&D program targeting the identification and development of alternatives to the commonly employed stoichiometric hydride-based reagents or transition-metal catalyzed silane reductions, with a focus on substrates that are widely applicable to the pharmaceutical industry. Proposals are invited from public and private institutions of higher education worldwide. This collaborative project is intended for a student within the selected Principal Investigator’s research group. One grant in the amount of $50,000 will be awarded to support execution of research for a period of 1 year. Deadline for receipt of proposals is June 4th, 2014 at 5 PM EDT (GMT-4).

For more detail, see the Request for Proposal.

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Bureau of Indian Affairs Announces FY 2014 Funding Opportunity to Support Tribes Addressing Challenges of Climate Change

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) has announced a request for proposals to support Tribes in adapting to the challenges of climate change in tribal communities, especially with respect to ocean and coastal management planning.

The competitive grants are for tribal adaptation, training, and travel support (to participate in technical workshops, forums, and cooperative efforts). Awards are available only to federally recognized tribes and P.L. 93-638 eligible intertribal organizations. As in FY 2013, smaller grants are available for tribal staff travel to technical climate adaptation management planning sessions, technical sessions, and workshops, and to serve as representatives at Department of Interior Climate Science Centers and Landscape Conservation Cooperatives, regional (ocean) planning bodies, and other cooperative climate adaptation organizations or technical groups. FY 2013 proposals that were submitted in November 2013, but not selected, will be retained in the applicant pool for consideration in this solicitation.  The application deadline is April 30, 2014.

ln addition to the FY 2014 grants, each BIA Region will have a small amount of funding to organize or support tribal sponsored workshops and for tribal participation in training sessions and climate change organizations.

For information on your BIA regional office climate change contact and for information on the grant application process, visit:


Funding Opportunity – DOE Commercial Building Technology Demonstrations

The Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office has announced the availability of up to $10 million under the Commercial Building Technologies Demonstration Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) DE-FOA-0001084.

DOE seeks to fund demonstrations of commercial building technologies and integrated technology-based strategies that are market ready and underutilized. The objective of this funding is to generate and deploy data, case studies and information that lower perceived risk regarding the efficacy and economic benefits of innovative and under-utilized commercial building technologies that can save significant amounts of energy in new and existing commercial buildings. Technologies funded under this FOA are likely to meet the investment hurdles for the commercial real estate market at scale, but may not at the current time, and will have the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption in U.S. commercial buildings.

To be eligible for consideration, a concept paper must be submitted no later than March 31, 2014. Questions about this FOA may be sent to

Join us for a Webinar on March 5

Title: DOE Commercial Building Technology Demonstrations Funding Opportunity
Date: Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.


EFAB Report: Municipal Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

Report from the Environmental Financial Advisory Board discussing the challenges and steps leading up to energy efficient retrofits; describes various financing mechanisms; references several reports that provide more in-depth analysis; and lists financial resources available to support municipalities’ efforts in energy efficiency.


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