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The Genius Entrepreneurs Who Turn E-Waste Into Usable Products

iFixIt is featured in Slate.



Why Rare Earth Recycling Is Rare (And What We Can Do About It)

Read the full post at Ensia.

As demand for high-tech devices grows, so does interest in recycling the esoteric metals that make them run. But challenges abound.
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9 companies to watch as e-cycling movement takes off

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Several factors have converged to stoke more interest in services for disposing of IT hardware at the end of its life, redistributing excess electronics inventory or collecting gadgets. Among them: the pace of innovation surrounding mobile technology, an OEM push to collect and reuse rare earth materials, the rise of formal corporate sustainability programs, and the shift among many big companies away from massive on-premises data centers to IT infrastructure and applications delivered by cloud service providers.


EPA’s Toxic Substances Rules ‘Discourage Recycling’

Read the full story in Environmental Leader.

The EPA’s reporting requirements for manufacturing byproducts sent for recycling are “burdensome, unnecessary and actually discourage recycling,” according to the electronics industry.

Speaking on behalf of more than 2,000 US electronics manufacturers that are members of IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries, Dr. Brent Grazman told Congress yesterday that IPC members are strong advocates of scientifically based regulations that improve environmental conditions, protect human health and stimulate the economy. On those grounds, he said, the industry has concerns about the way EPA has implemented Section 8 of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).


Developing world overtakes the U.S. in e-waste

Read the full story in GreenBiz.

Now that the holidays are over and so many gadgets have been replaced with the newest versions of TVs, cell phones and tablets, a story on e-waste in the U.S. was inevitable.

This year is different, however, because for the first time, emerging countries are throwing out even more electronics than we are in the U.S. Actually, the trend started in 2012.

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E-Waste: Lack of Info Plagues Efforts to Reduce E-Waste

Read the full story in EETimes.

Key gaps in information play an increasingly important role in thwarting efforts at environmental protection — including the reduction of waste from electronic materials.

The creation of trade codes is necessary to track used electronics products according to a recent study concerning the waste from growing quantities of used electronics devices—including TVs, mobile phones. and computers.

Research involving Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Materials Systems Laboratory, and National Center for Electronics Research, under the umbrella of the Solving the E-waste Problem initiative, with financial support from the United States Environmental Protection Agency was published in a report last week. According to the report, coherent information regarding the movement of electronics is largely unavailable, making it difficult to address the current problem of E-Waste exports. The report encompassed television sets—both CRT and flat panel monitors — as well as mobile phones, and computers in its survey.

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Dell Helps Develop E-Waste Business Model

Read the full story in Environmental Leader.

Dell has helped developed an e-waste model for developing countries and opened East Africa’s first large-scale e-waste recycling hub.

East Africa Compliant Recycling in Nairobi will recycle e-waste generated in Kenya and the greater East African region. The hub was designed by industry, in collaboration with policymakers.

The regulatory model was developed by Kenyan officials and representatives from non-governmental organizations and the IT and e-recycling industries.

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Sourcing Sufficient Quantities ‘Major Concern’ for E-Waste Reuse

Read the full story in Environmental Leader.

Two of the biggest barriers for organizations refurbishing e-waste are the availability of sufficient quantities of good quality used equipment and a lack of legislation that encourages or enforces reuse, according to a survey of reuse organizations.

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Product Stewardship Speakers Series: Adam Minter

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency hosted Adam Minter, author of Junkyard Planet, as part of their Product Stewardship Speakers Series. He offered his insights into the global nature of recycling.

View the recording at

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First BC branch of World Computer Exchange opens at BCIT

Read the full story from the British Institute of Technology.

BCIT is now home to the first West Coast branch of World Computer Exchange (WCE). The World Computer Exchange at BCIT will receive used computers from both BCIT and the community at large, refurbish them with a suite of free academic software, and then give them to communities in need—both locally and internationally.

The non-profit organization is dedicated to addressing the millions of tonnes of e-waste inundating landfills every year, and to improving opportunities for youth in both local and overseas communities by repurposing and supplying donated equipment for academic use.


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