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Indoor air quality sensors could be coming to your smartphone

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Indoor air quality can be as much of a health concern as the air quality outdoors. Things like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide, mold and other compounds can cause things like headaches, fatigue, respiratory illnesses and worse. The EU has started to focus on how to combat indoor pollution and is funding a new nanotechnology project that would allow people to have real-time air quality information wherever they are — at home, at work, even in the car.

Called IAQSENSE, the project aims to “develop new nanotechnology-based sensor systems that will precisely monitor the composition of the air in terms of both chemical and bio contaminants.” It is designed to be both tiny and low cost so that it can be adopted widely.


How consumers can track products at the touch of a smartphone button

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Producers and suppliers trace and count every item they distribute. It’s time to share that information with everyone.

The Genius Entrepreneurs Who Turn E-Waste Into Usable Products

iFixIt is featured in Slate. ‘Let’s make plastic a verb’

Read the full story in The Guardian. Thanks to ISTC’s Governor’s Awards Specialist John Mulrow for the link.

The Black Eyed Peas star and Ekocycle founder talks to Jo Confino about waste, technology and why the iPhone will never be an antique.



Scientist developing materials, electronics that dissolve when triggered

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A medical device, once its job is done, could harmlessly melt away inside a person’s body. Or, a military device could collect and send its data and then dissolve away, leaving no trace of an intelligence mission. Or, an environmental sensor could collect climate information, then wash away in the rain.

The full research article is available here.


Groups protest chemicals used in Apple’s iPhone

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Apple’s labor practices are under attack by two activist groups who contend the company makes its iPhones with a hazardous mix of chemicals that threaten the health of factory workers assembling the devices in China.


A Wild Idea: Making Our Smartphones Last Longer

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Despite their small size, smartphones are expensive, resource-hungry goods, and they deserve a better life cycle than two years of use followed by an eternity in a forgotten desk drawer. It is possible to buy smartphones with an eye to longevity — a strategy that will save money and global resources and give you the snooty self-satisfaction of knowing you’re shunning gadget consumerism.


iPhones Recycling Reaches Canada

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Apple said its iPhone reuse and recycling program is now available in Canada Customers can now trade in old iPhones at an Apple store for a credit of up to $275.


How 3-D printing trends drive sustainability outcomes

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Emerging markets generate a desire for large companies to integrate new technologies to scope out new business models, scenarios and plans. Within this context, I propose four major scenarios for large companies to offer 3D printing and scanning technologies within their business ecosystem.

In terms of sustainability, this is an important consideration. While 3D printing isn’t necessarily a greener option, it can be in certain circumstances, depending on details such as setup and materials used. Some companies are already using 3D printing in green ways, including Kor Ecologic, which relies on the technology to make a hybrid vehicle called Urbee.

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Is digital really greener than paper?

Read the full story in The Guardian.

The paper industry is challenging the assumption that digital marketing is more environmentally friendly than paper.

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