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Altered book art and halloween costume in one

Presenting…the diction-fairy. Picture from the Children’s Reading Foundation’s Facebook page. A quick Google search yielded instructions for an adult-sized version at Lilliedale. Happy crafting!


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Featuring: Jodi Harvey-Brown

Read the full post from the Library As Incubator Project.

An art form that continually delights us at the Library as Incubator Project is that of book arts, particularly book sculptures. There’s something about this medium that, when done well, demonstrates a deep connection between the words and story of the book and the art piece that emerges from it. That connection is evident in the pieces by artist Jodi Harvey-Brown. Today Jodi tells us about her work and her relationship to libraries, and shares some of her marvelous book sculptures.

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Reuse Design Challenge: Transform a Phone Book

Read the full story at Earth911.

The Challenge

We reached out to five of our favorite DIY/Craft bloggers and tasked them with a challenge: Create something new out of an old phone book.

Where You Come In:

Take a look at the inspiring and beautifully functional projects we received and cast your vote for your favorite entry at the end of the story. Voting will close Friday, May 31.

We’ll follow up and publish a full tutorial of the project that receives the most votes and recognize the winning blogger on Earth911.

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Sustainability: The Journal of Record Call for Papers on the Creative Arts in Sustainability Programs

Manuscript Deadline: March 22, 2013

“Art is the principal way in which the human mind has tried to remake the world in a way that makes sense.” —J.G. Ballard

Sustainability: The Journal of Record is looking for research-based manuscripts, case studies, and commentaries on how creative arts are being used in sustainability programs within academia and the private sector.

In order to achieve the goals of the sustainability framework—while sparking activism and cultural change—many programs are turning to the creative arts. Sustainability: The Journal of Record, the premier journal and central forum on sustainability issues, is seeking submissions on this important topic.

We welcome submissions from professors, administrators, faculty, and students; from advocates, partners, and policymakers at the local, state, and national level; and from private sector partners working in a creative art medium to support sustainability programs and goals.

Items to consider:

  • Research/survey-based articles for peer review
  • Case studies and program profiles on creative arts-focused initiatives within the sustainability framework
  • Commentaries on the topic
  • High-resolution photographs are welcome

For more information on manuscript submission, see our Author’s page and to view a free sample issue, visit our website and click on Sample Content.

For questions, thoughts, or for further information, contact us via e-mail at

We look forward to receiving your manuscripts and to your active participation in the Journal.

Advantages of submitting to Sustainability: The Journal of Record
Rapid peer review • Fast track article publication • Open access options • Readership in over 140 countries • Outstanding editorial board and reputation of journal • In Collaboration with AASHE • Indexed/Abstracted in: EMBiology; Scopus; Geobase; CAB Abstracts; Sustainability Science Abstracts; GreenFILE


Reader Question: Crafting with E-Waste

Read the full post at Crafting a Green World.

Back in October we asked you guys what kinds of things you’d like more help reusing or upcycling, and you had some great questions, both via comment and email. We’ve addressed quite a few of them, from how to reuse old jeans to new ideas for old books, but there was one question that’s been stumping me for ages: how can crafters upcycle e-waste?

There are tons of tutorials out there for certain types of e-waste, like old circuit boards, but reader Nicole is looking for those less-used items, like broken electronic toothbrushes, Christmas lights, and dead batteries. I was able to find a few interesting ideas out there, but I’ll be honest: the pickings are slim when it comes to unusual e-waste crafts. So! I’m turning to you guys!

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10 Awesome Upcycling Projects You Can Do Today

Read the full post at Shareable.

Below are’s top 10 coolest upcycling projects submitted by members (in no particular order). All are made out of household packaging waste. All come with detailed Instructions showing you how to make them yourself and some are even available to buy! is a free web portal that shows you how to creatively reuse / upcycle your household packaging and everyday waste materials to make new desirable objects.

Founded by UK based product designers Jamie Billing and Tracy Cordingley, the organisation provides free tools and services so that users can publish (upload) or obtain (download) instructions on how to make creative products from reuse materials and a whole lot more…

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How To: Transform Old Books Into Holiday Pumpkins

Halloween is over, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner. These altered book pumpkins would make neat table decorations.

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Nine Novel Ways to Re-Use a Novel (or Any Other Book)

Read the full post at Networx.

If you’re the type of person who could never imagine taking apart a book – removing its pages, cutting off its cover, etc – then please stop reading now. This article is not for you. And I totally understand! Some people have such emotional attachments to books; the thought of repurposing them is simply horrific. (For all of you, Atlanta painter and decorating expert Kass Wilson wrote a tutorial on how to make bookshelves the focal point of a room.)

But for the rest of you, here’s a few awesome ideas (other than creating a decorative library) for upcycling the used books you’ve got lying around:

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Make Recycling Fun on Earth Day

Read the full post at RecycleScene.

We’re used to throwing materials to be recycled in boxes and blue bins, and that is a great way to live the reduce, reuse and recycle mantra. Of course adding creativity into the mix makes things even better. There’s simplicity in reusing and creating as a daily practice that’s important to keep sight of. Especially in honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, here’s a round up of some of our favorite creative recycling projects.

Recycling project ideas don’t have to be overly complex, and are great for kids too. It’s as simple as this: If you want to help the planet and conserve resources, start by looking at what’s already around your house.

A full 75% of what is thrown away is perfectly recyclable. Let’s bring that number down!

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Reduce, Reuse, Re-invent: Valentine Eco-Craft

Here’s a neat valentine craft idea from the I.D.E.A. Store (via

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