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Sustainable, Ethical Decisions? There’s An App For That

Read the full post at FastCoExist.

Oroeco links your personal decisions to larger planetary impact, so you know whether it’s a better idea to, for example, buy organic or stop eating red meat.

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Pinpointing America’s Geothermal Resources with Open Source Data

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When it comes to harnessing America’s vast geothermal energy resources, knowing where to look is half the battle.

Geothermal energy — the heat contained within the earth — represents a growing part of the country’s clean energy mix. Still, for continued growth of this industry, gaining easy access to reliable, comprehensive geothermal data remains a critical barrier.

To help solve this challenge, the Energy Department is partnering with the Arizona Geological Survey — among other public and private sector contributors — to create the National Geothermal Data System at This interactive, open source database provides project developers and other industry partners with the critical information they need to cut the time to identify and develop new production areas and reduce upfront discovery costs.

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Sustainability Now a Strategy, Not Just a Report

Read the full story in Forbes.

I am often asked about the changes that I have seen in the sustainability market since SAP formally launched its efforts in early 2009. It is clear that sustainability has and will continue to rise in importance as mega-trends create pricing pressures on energy and other resources; product safety regulations expand across all regions; financial analysts begin to look at sustainability in company valuations; and stakeholders leverage social media to drive more sustainable behavior.

Facing these challenges and opportunities, sustainability efforts have matured and changed for the better. Here are three key changes for enterprises.

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What business can learn from the ‘eco-doom’ books

Read the full story at GreenBiz.

What do you get from reviewing four books on the same sustainability topic, instead of relying on one?

Most book reviews are published to alert the reader to a book they might be interested in reading, and offer the reader just enough information to judge for themselves. Publications on sustainability or green business regularly review new books, but they do not follow a standard practice in many disciplines of comparing and contrasting books on the same topic. We wanted to explore what those engaged in “sustainability” can learn from that. To do so, we have chosen important works for a general audience about what many consider to be the focal point of planetary sustainability: understanding, and reducing or coping with, climate change brought on by global warming.

The GreenBiz article is a summary of a longer review posted on the Institute for Environmental Entrepreneurship blog.

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How Construction Specialties took on the PVC industry – and won

Read the full story at GreenBiz.

Construction Specialties was an early adopter in the building industry for removing PVC from products, but that also made it an early target for those that didn’t want to see the PVC market share decrease. The course that the company took to avert its foes — and emerge with a healthy business on the other side — is a good example for early adopters to learn from.

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How UPS and USPS teamed up to create a new industry standard

Read the full story at GreenBiz.

The United States Postal Service and United Parcel Service (NYSE: UPS) have teamed up to deliver a special sustainability package aimed at reducing the carbon footprints for the world’s largest postal and delivery companies.

Specifically, the companies will share carbon data information that will help track their transportation and delivery emissions. As a result, both will benefit from understanding how they can operate more efficiently.

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Webinar: Business in the Age of Climate Change

January 14, 2013, 2:15 pm, ET
Register here.

Join Ford Motor Company and a group of leading environmental and business experts to discuss best-business approaches to curbing climate change, including how Ford is using climate science in all business-planning decisions. This free, one-hour video webcast will take place live from the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

After a year of tumultuous weather, climate change has resurfaced in the national and global spotlight and stands an issue of pressing public and ecological concern. As the impetus to act on climate change mounts for businesses and individuals, NAIAS offers a unique opportunity to deliver the latest findings, prescriptions and insights as means to raise public awareness and promote corporate action around this critical issue.

What you will learn:

  • Challenges Ford faces in terms of climate change and the steps the company is taking to meet those challenges.
  • Matt Banks from the WWF will discuss his work, research and insights as the Senior Program Officer – Climate Change Business & Industry Program.
  • Best-selling author Andrew Winston will present his research and insights around what businesses can and are doing to address environmental challenges.

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