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U. of M. Develops One-Minute Oil Change

Read the full story in Algae Industry Magazine.

University of Michigan engineering researchers have demonstrated that they can “pressure-cook” algae for as little as a minute and transform 65 percent of the biomass into biocrude. The findings were presented Nov. 1 at the 2012 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Should Companies Care If Hurricane Sandy Was “Caused” By Climate Change?

Read the full post at the HBR Blog Network.

Hurricane Sandy has killed more than 100 people in the U.S. and the Caribbean, and caused billions of dollars in damage. The scene around my Connecticut home is not pretty, with downed trees and power lines everywhere. It’s a serious time, and a time for some serious questions. Why did this happen? And from a business (or any) perspective, does it matter whether this megastorm was caused by climate change? I’d say no… and yes.

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Unilever ‘social experiment’ to shape marketing

Read the full story at MarketingWeek.

Unilever is launching what it calls a “live social experiment” to better understand consumer attitudes to sustainable living and improve its behaviour change marketing efforts.

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Sustainable cities must think globally

Read the full story from UPI.

Cities looking to be models of sustainability must look beyond city limits to the global flow of goods and materials into their realm, Swedish researchers say.

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New Levi’s jeans will be 20 percent plastic bottle

Read the full story at Gizmag.

American clothing maker and denim specialist Levi Strauss & Co. has announced a new collection of denim apparel, including jeans, that will be comprised of a minimum 20 percent of plastics recycled from drinks bottles and food trays.


How To: Transform Old Books Into Holiday Pumpkins

Halloween is over, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner. These altered book pumpkins would make neat table decorations.

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